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Dear Ms. Hopperstad ,

     It is our honor as members of the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police to endorse you for your election as a House Representative.    There is no question in our mind that you will support law enforcement and keep the people of your district safe at a time when law and order has never been so important.  I urge all citizens living in your  Representative District to join us in voting for you and keep your communities safe.


Sgt. John Krupinsky


Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police

— SGT John Krupinski

Ms. Hopperstad was a teacher of mine in middle school. She was one of the most encouraging, passionate teachers I had the pleasure of learning under and had a way of bringing out that passion in her students as well. She had known about my interests in politics and writing, and always encouraged me to embrace those unique interests. She was vital in teaching me how to articulate my thoughts well and hold my principles closely. Now, I live in DC and work in political communications, fighting for limited government and individual rights everyday. To this day, Ms. Hopperstad will still reach out to me and take an interest in what I’m doing and how I’m doing. Connecticut needs representatives that have the passion, care, and principled approach Cathy Hopperstad has displayed throughout her life! — Isabelle Morales

I, without a doubt, endorse Cathy. She is totally honest person, and that is exactly what we need in government. She is a giving person. I can’t count how many people she has helped to improve their lives. On top of these qualities, she is intelligent. She has taught me so much in business and in life. She has my full endorsement. — Deborah Russell - a former work colleague, a good friend, and the mother of Sam's best man.

We need to support fiscally responsible candidates like Cathy this November. If we end up with a Democrat controlled legislature with a Democrat governor this fall, there is only one thing coming - HIGHER TAXES!

— Bob Stefanowski

I have known Cathy Hopperstad for twenty years and Cathy will be an outstanding representative. Her ability to work "across the aisle" will not only improve the lives of her constituents but all citizens of Connecticut. — Judy Turner - a former work colleague, a good friend and Jack's grammy!

Paid for by Elect Hopperstad 2020, Linda J. Shapiro, Treasurer.  Approved by Cathy Hopperstad.
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