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My opponent, Representative Jason Rojas remarked on a FB post that I was giving misinformation.  After the debate on Thursday, October 8, I asked him what was incorrect.  He stated that he did not vote for the tax increase in 2011, and that two of the sales tax items I had listed on my brochure did not pass the final budget.  So I went back and researched it again.

I stand corrected.  The State Democrats passed the income tax in 2011 but Representative Rojas did not vote in support of it. He did, however, in 2015.  The two taxes that did not make the final budget were taxes on veterinary services and barber/hair salon services; however, the ones that did that I did not mention are sales taxes on interior design services, safety apparel, and a new licensing structure for nail technicians, estheticians, and eyelash technicians. 

I apologize for any misinformation and be rest assured, I will always be truthful, accountable and transparent to constituents for I would not want to lose your trust.  

Paid for by Elect Hopperstad 2020, Linda J. Shapiro, Treasurer.  Approved by Cathy Hopperstad.
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