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Police Accountability and Transparency Bill

1.  Repeal the Police Accountability and Transparency Act.  The method in which it was pushed through is unacceptable. A bill of this magnitude needs a proper public hearing. 


2.  Issues I have with the act as do police and other citizens:

A majority of the Police Accountability Act’s provisions take effect October 1 and it appears that the Police Task Force is in full gear.  As stated on its website, the Police Transparency and Accountability Task Force priorities were 

“universally agreed by all members was the utilization of President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force Final Report to form the basis from which the task force can systematically address police transparency and accountability. The 21st Century Policing report lays out 6 pillars that form the foundation for change. On June 16, 2020, the Task Force adopted a list of 22 preliminary priorities and recommendations organized under the 6 pillars.”


A few of my concerns are 

  • allowing a candidate into the State Police Training Academy without a high school diploma, even though it must be earned within a year; 

  • behavioral assessment -  what is the purpose of such, what type, test created by whom, and what will be done with the information? 

  • drug and behavioral testing but no physical fitness requirements? 

  • vague language “undermines public confidence in law enforcement” or “actual or perceived” discrimination. 

  • “crowd management policy” and permissible/impermissible use of force by a police officer during demonstrations and civil disturbances.  Is that the same as protest vs riot? 

  • implicit bias training” what about the bias towards police officers? 

  • recruitment of minority residents - this is problematic within every profession.  Minority residents have to want to do the jobs such as police, fire, and education. Affirmative Action is already in place and the officers of color are being abused everyday on the front lines of protests. There is a lack of respect for public safety professionals and educators.

  • forty-eight to ninety-six hours to release body and dashcam footage?  That is the major problem!  Information is released before all the facts are known and the media begins to spin a potentially false narrative.   

  • the limitation on car searches with probable cause

  • if an officer’s life is in imminent danger, the use of deadly force must be permissible;

  • security officers at age 18? 

  • removal of quotas for pedestrian and traffic stops - are there such things? I was informed "no" by my local police department. Will that include speeding tickets for morning commuters? 

  • what about the influence of public unions?

  • what about teaching young adults in school how to behave during a traffic stop?


First, I have not personally felt the trauma that has been caused due to historical actions by the police towards people of color; and, coupled with the historical injustices in the court systems, this has not led to trust in the system; however, the media is culpable of spinning a narrative before all the facts are out in the open and the public needs to have patience until those facts can be gathered.  Are we honestly seeking truth and justice?


Paid for by Elect Hopperstad 2020, Linda J. Shapiro, Treasurer.  Approved by Cathy Hopperstad.
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