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My core beliefs are in 

  • limited government;  

  • local control;

  • personal responsibility;

  • creating a business-friendly environment in Connecticut.

Fiscal Constraint and Accountability.

We as a state need to put our financial situation on the front burner and resolve it.  We cannot continue to spend and borrow ourselves into prosperity.   (Read More)

Uphold our State and Federal Constitutions

We are a nation of laws and no one is above the law.  Elected officials and veterans like myself take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic and that is what I intend to do. (Read More)

Create an Business-Friendly Environment

The only way to make Connecticut affordable again is to attract and keep businesses in the State.  In a survey taken in September of 2019 by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), businesses are concerned about the future of business in Connecticut, especially after the 2019 Legislative Session.  We need to become a business friendly state for all businesses and only then will our economy grow.

The Businesses wary of 2020 as confidence in CT legislators drops to all-time low

(Read More)

Retool and Reform Education.

I have been a public educator since 2000.  I changed careers at age 40.  In 2018 with the Janus vs. AFSCME Supreme Court decision, I left my union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  There are many issues with the current status of education but it is not just teachers or the unions that are the problem. Good teachers work long hours and do whatever is necessary for their students to succeed.  They spend countless hours planning, staying after school, spending their own money to make sure they have ample supplies.  I have worked with great teachers and mediocre ones. But overall they are a group of hard-working dedicated individuals.   In the end, it is the responsibility of teachers, parents, and communities to develop strong and safe neighborhood schools.  (Read More)

Enhance Voter Integrity

Our Republic's existence is predicated on the integrity of our voting systems.  Throughout our history, people have fought hard for the right to vote; from poor white men, free black men, women, the American Indian to Chinese immigrants.  Therefore, it is imperative that we as citizens have faith in our voting system, which has waned over the past decade.  I support one legal vote for one legal person. 

(Read More)

Medical Freedom

I do not support the repeal of the religious exemption for vaccines and I believe that no parent should be forced to vaccinate his or her child.  The process should not be a difficult one.  

Reign in Public Unions

Public unions do not serve the public interest and the state Democrats should never have agreed to extend the SEBAC agreement another ten years with a no lay-off clause.  We must limit the power of public unions.



Police Accountability and Transparency Bill

I do not support defunding the police but I do support reforming them.  After close review of Public Act 20-1, my thoughts are attached.   (Read More)

#8toAbolition and #BLM

I do not support the Marxist agenda of the organization, Black Lives Matter (BLM).   (Read More)

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